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Address: No.51 Kunyang Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Minhang District, Shanghai City
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Product Categories
  Temperature and Humidity Environmental Testing Equipment Series
Hot and cold shock box High-temperature furnace
Precision high-temperature oven Constant temperature and humidity testing box
Vacuum drying oven High and low temperature testing box
Walk-in constant temperature and humidity room Constant temperature and humidity host
Steam aging testing box rapid temperature test chamber
  Climate-Resistant Type Series of Environmental Testing Equipment
Xenon lamp aging testing box Sand dust and ashes test box
Pouring Saline water spray testing box
Dripping water test device Yellowing aging box
Ventilators aging testing box UV aging testing box
Ozone aging testing box
  Universal Material Testing Machine Series
Desktop-type pull testing machine Spring testing machine
Single-column universal testing machine Frequency electronic pull testing machine
Double-column universal testing machine Hydraulic pull testing machine
Electronic universal testing machine Pull temperature-humidity testing machine
Man-made sheet material testing machine Metal Rubber material testing machine
  Packaging Transportation / life science pharmaceutical Series
Vibration test machines Biochemical mildew incubator
Simulation auto transport table Drugs stability test box
High-frequency vibration test table Blast drying oven
Drop test machine Anaerobic Incubator
Packaging compression testing machine Constant temperature and humidity box
  Other Quality Testing Equipments
Flame-retardant testing machine Melt Index instrument
Moisture-proof electronic counters Drop hammer / fat-impact testing machine
Electric heated constant temperature water (oil) slot Simple Beam impact testing machine
Lamp-house box/ The color Light box Mobile Phone drop test machine
Oxygen and nitrogen air missile testing machine Wear-resistant wipe testing machine
Manual (Pneumatic) crush slice machine Clamshell phones testing machine
Drop-ball impact testing machine Other Products Industry Equipment
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Address:No.51 Kunyang Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Minhang District, Shanghai City
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